Monday, April 27, 2015

The Captain Cook and the Wolverene

HM Ships Beagle and Beatrice

A couple of nippy little schooners operated by the RN on the Australia Station.

Vulvan and Ajax

HMVS Batman and HMVS Gannet

Auxulliary Gunboats both with reinforced decks forward to allow the mounting of guns, but I daresay they would have been deathtraps in an actual sea-fight.

HMVS Countess of Hopetoun and HMQS Bonito

HMVS Victoria (II)

Second ship of her name and big sister to the gunboat Albert.

HMVS Cerberus

Sunday, April 26, 2015

HMVS Albert

The Albert, here pictured in her delivery rig.

You'll see many pictures of her on this blog, both archive and of my own wargames model of her. My favourite little ship of the Victorian navy.

Protector and Childers

This time, the large South Australian Gunboat Protector and the Torpedoboat Childers. The former served on the China Station during the Boxer Rebelion. The Victorians and New South Welsh provided Naval brigades, 200 and 260 men strong respectively, along with some 14prs from the Victorians, which were tansported together in the steamer Salamis.

Victoria (I), Pharos and the Nelson

 Victoria's first warship. Most notably used in the attempted relief of Bourke and Wills and in the Maori Wars, she was broken up in 1895.
 The lighthouse tender, Pharos. Used for defense purposes in 1885. Laid down in 1865.
Out thrice-razee'd, steam-powered flagship. her remains may yet be seen in the Derwent River in Tasmania.

Vladimir Monomakh

Vladimir Monomakh 1885

Vladimir Monomakh 1897 refit
Name No Builder Laid down Launched Comp Fate
Vladimir Monomakh   Carr & McFerson, St. Petersburg 28/2/1881 22/10/1882 7/1883 sunk 28/5/1905

93.3 m
15.9 m

No of shafts
VC, 8 cylindrical boilers
7000 HP
Max speed
15.2 kn
Fuel Capacity
Coal 990 tons
Endurance, nm(kts)
Armour, mm compound; belt: 152 - 114, deck: 13mm
4 x 1 - 203/28 m1877, 12 x 1 - 152/25 m1877, 4 x 1 - 87/21 4pdr m1877, 4 x 5 - 47/22 Hotchkiss, 8 x 5 - 37/17 Hotchkiss, 3 - 381 TT (1 bow, 2 beam)

Here for a fuller account.