Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cerberus progress Pix and the Russians are Here!

Some WIP Russkies; just need their metallics doing and a flag on the pole to wrap them up. Urrah!
Down by the the bows. Hm, paint-work needs touching up...

Cerberus with all her bits on; note that I've popped the flying deck on pointing the wrong way and that the bit it's sitting on is rather too wide. Oops! Out with the shears!

Overall, she's not looking too bad. Must remember to paint the wheel-house windows. Still needs the conning tower and "military" mast made. The rest (ie, additional detail) is gravy depending on how I go for time. Railings, davits, all that. There won't be ships' boats as they are a real pain to rig and I can't justify the expense of buying another six of them!

Still and all, it looks about right.

UPDATE: The deck-house is completely painted - including the windows. I've done the edging on the flying deck, and the ventilators are properly emplaced thereupon. All remaining ventilators are painted and need emplacing. I need to glue the capstan in place.
I've armour-plated the turrets (they didn't look right "smooth" and needed their surfaces broken up with big, irregular squares of card. Much better. Even more so once they've been lined in with a fine-tipped marker.