Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long time, no post

And it has been!

In the interim I have become acquainted with a small group of wargamers who intend to put on a "The Russians Are Coming" game over the Australia Day long weekend in 2009 at CanCon in Canberra.

The game will involve an entirely fictitious assault on Fort Nepean in about 1887 with, shall we say, "plausible" forces.

We'll be using largely scratch-built terrain and ships (there will be an amphibious element!), commercially available wargames figures and rules. The rules I refer to will be The Sword and the Flame, available here for Australian readers.

The figures will be a bit of a mixture, of which more in later posts. There are a few test shots I did a while back.

There is a YahooGroup where we are assembling our materials, please feel free to join up.

More as we progress.