Friday, September 12, 2008

Victorian Navy 1887

Albert ought to be finished this weekend.
Then it's the Cerberus' turn.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Albert Progress Update

Stern view over the aft "gun tub".
Port view showing off the newly-clad deck-house and port for the forward 8" BL.

Starboard view showing the newly added bulwark for the aft deck.
As you can see, I have spent the past few days building up the bulwarks and sides of the gun house. Construction of these upper works has been in light card that has been attached with PVA/White Glue and tacked in place with many pins as it has dried. I used 5mm balsa for the upper deck and for a corresponding piece that I attached below it at the lower deck level - this gave me a sufficient thickness of material to pin into and for the glue to grip.
The lower ull was made from a single block of 25mm polystyrene that I cut from a fruit-box with my hot wire cutter and further carved and sanded into shape. After that was done, I gave it a skim of filler to disguise the fact of it's polysturene origins! I'll need to do some more filling to hide the odd gap where the bulwarks meet the hull, too.
I have received some London War room Accessories to dress the hull up with in the form of a few ventilators. I have more on their way some time in the next couple of weeks; hatches, ladders and davits. I have also got a couple of plastc ships boats that look about the right size to hang on the sides.
On we go!


Monday, September 01, 2008

Albert - Progress Shot

Coming along as we can see.
I've attached the decks, stained them and scribed them in.