Thursday, August 28, 2008

Model Shipyard - HMVS Albert

I started work last night on the gunboat Albert. Not too much done so far beyond the basic hull being cut from a chunk of polystyrene then decked over. Ive also cut out the top of the gun-house which you can see balanced on top of a couple of match-boxes for height.
The ships horizontal dimensions are something like 1:72 whilst it's vertical dimensions are in the order of about 1:60. I have undertaken this scale compression in order to build a model that I can transport in my luggage when this ship gets transported to Canberra later on this year! The Cerberus, also under construction will probably get similar treatment - the rule of thumb that I am working to is the greater the ship size, the greater the squashing of the ship. The Torpedo boat I completed a few weeks ago is virtually a scale model, for example.



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