Sunday, July 06, 2008

HMVS Albert - Photo Feature!

I'm getting ready to start building some models of the Victorian Navy; in this case the HMVS "Albert". These are pretty well the best visual references I've come up with, so off I go. I think the only thing I really am feeling the lack of is a good, scaled side elevation. I may have to cariacature her a little, which I don't mind doing, provided I can capture the character of the vessel.

A side profile of Albert. Please click on it or any of the following images for larger versions.

A Deck plan of the Queensland Gunboat HMQS "Gayundah" - a gunboat of Albert's class and layout.

Picture is of Albert in Portsmouth in 1884, prior to her leaving on her epic delivery voyage. Note that she is rigged for sail to supplement her fairly small coal bunkers.

A very interesting picture of Albert in the Alfred Graving Dock at Williamstown. obviously she is there for some fairly major work as her rear 6" BL gun has been removed altogether, giving a very clear idea of the layout of her rear deck. Note also the hatches at the rear of her deck-house. The ship in the Background is South Australia's "Protector".

A shot of Albert later in her career as a lighter - note the derrick she now sports aft.

Albert in the Graving Dock again, this time giving a good view of her bows. Note the shutters either side of her 8" BL gun-port. Without them, Albert would be a wretchedly wet ship in any kind of sea.

Albert side-by side with (and masking!) her rather elusive bigger sister, the Victoria. A good clear shot, demonstrating Alberts' side layout.


Anonymous John Rogers said...

Best of luck. Would love to see some photos of the models.

John Rogers
Fleet Engineer (Victorian Navy)
website, research & Friends of the Cerberus President.

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Blogger Bloggerator said...

Hello John,

There are a few more pictures here:



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