Saturday, July 19, 2008

HMVS Lonsdale WIP

This is as far as I've gotten so far with the Torpedo-Boat, HMVS Lonsdale. I finally got the hull sanded down to my satisfaction and started to build the superstructure out of basa wood block, carved and sanded to shape. I'll be giving the exposed balsa a thin was of putty or plaster that I'll sand down to give a smooth finish.

Stern view of the torpedo boat showing off the armoured conning tower to good advantage.
The bow of the Lonsdale. This is something of a fudge because I really only had a diagram of one of the New Zealand TBs to hand along with a sketch from a contemporary illustrated paper to base it on. The sketch disagrees as to the layout of the boat as displayed in the NZ TB plan.
Let's say there is a certain amount of "guesstimation" going on here.

Side view. I'm pretty pleased with the low, racy lines of the torpedo boat. She looks fast. I'm tempted to stick a two-barrelled Nordenfeldt in the forward cock-pit, just for the look of it.
All I really need do now is make some torpedoes from some 5mm dowell, rig their launching gear, create some railings and then a ventillator and funnel. Oh, and stick a rudder to the stern.



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