Monday, November 02, 2009

80 Pounder RML

UPDATE: Started work on the slides after I finished off the woodwork of the carriage this morning. Purely by co-incidence, the gun in the photo is about the right "scale" for 28mm figures, so guess what i'm using for a template?
Phew, ok, well it's taken a few days, but I think we are beginning to see results here. For those of you who've not been privy to various off-screen discussions, I've deciced to master a small range of off-beat artillery. This first effort is as the post title elegantly suggests, the barrel for an 80-pr RML, 25 of wich were purchased by Sir George Vernon in 1866 for fortres use in Victoria. It's been constructed much like the real thing; several layers of greenstuff have been built up over a plastic tube.

The sailor is for scale comparison. I think I've got it about right!
The carriage. All balsa, a little more work and detailing need to be added to finish it up.
I will not be assembling this to the point where I am sticking things together, as they need to be in a state where they can be broken sown for mould-making.
Dry run assembly. I will be finishing off the carriage today and hopefully making a start on the slide tonight.

The beauty of this mounting is that it can also be used unaltered with my next project, a 68-pounder sbml.


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