Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rapid Progress Being Made at Williamstown

As you can see in the picture above (click for a larger version) the upper works for Nepean and Lonsdale are complete. I'll next be adding the torpedo tubes forward and then going on to puttying up the various gaps before painting and then adding the final details like the stanchions, ventilators and torpedo troughs.
Nearest the camera are No. 1 and further back, Commissioner. The blocks on the decks are their deck houses. I have only some very rough side elevations for commissioner and no reference for No. 1, so I am pretty well making things up as I go along. More interestingly from my own point-of-view is the rig for the spar toprpedoes that you can see in the "deployed" position on No.1 and in the stowed position on Commissioner. I'll probably install some sort of guide or brace over the bows on both boats to make sure the spar goes forward smoothly.


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